Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Starting Next Week....Tackle Me Tuesday

OK, so in an effort to force myself to be accountable, I am going to start a fun new weekly feature called "Tackle Me Tuesday". Simply put, I plan to tackle one big project around my house every Tuesday. I intend to take before and after pictures and report back to all of you about my progress. It would be extra fun and motivating if some of you would join me for the "Tackle Me Tuesday" challenge. If you're interested in doing so, leave a comment and let me know. Next Tuesday I'll do a post with my plans and give you a place to link up your plans, or leave a comment with your plans. We can all cheer each other on, and in a couple of months, who knows, maybe we'll be out of projects to do around the house! Ha, I'm not banking on that, but it'll be fun and productive anyway. Pictured are a few of the possible projects I might take on next week...I haven't decided for sure yet...

The toy bins in the play room:

The kids' bookshelf:

The project cabinet in the kitchen:


  1. I have bags and bags and bags of clothes for my boys in the garage...things they've outgrown, things they've been given, things they'll need in the summer, things they'll never wear. My goal is to get them sorted into boxes labeled by size and season, maybe even contents--ie long sleeve shirts, pants etc. I'm putting it on my calendar for Tuesday!

  2. Game on, is all I can say to the clutter in my house. I have been tackling projects all the time but only finishing a handful, which I am proud of but I want more done. I will totally do this with you. Too bad we can't work on it at the same time to keep each other company. :) Good Luck

  3. We could always pick one house each week and work together...of course, then we'd have to share our chaos openly. ;)

  4. I just did "tackle me thursday" last night! i should have taken a before and after picture! Cleaned out and organized the laundry room, it feels good to get that done!