Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Clearance

(I needed some extra plates, and I snagged these for $3.74 per box at Target - they don't have anything Christmas or holiday on them at all - just white plates with a little gold trim line around them!)

It's hard to believe that it's January 2nd already, not sure where 2009 went! I've checked out the Christmas clearance at a few stores and wanted to encourage all of you to do the same if there's anything you need. I'm curious, what things do you guys stock up on after Christmas? I try to get wrapping paper, bows, sometimes Christmas cards, stocking stuffers (especially if they don't have anything Christmas on them so that I can use them for Easter baskets!) and usually at least a few new decorations or ornaments for the coming year. Share what you like to hunt for in the after Christmas fun.

Target currently has all Christmas stuff marked down to at least 75% off in our area, so I'm guessing it's the same elsewhere. I went to the Target at Powers and Briargate on Thursday and they still had tons of great stuff! **By the way, last time I checked, toys were only clearanced to 30% off so far at Target - not cheap enough for me to really even stop and look, but they'll definitely be going lower very soon!

Michaels has most of their Christmas items marked down to 70% off now (I visited the Powers location), and I was able to snag some really cheap treat tins and stocking stuffers. They also had the little 6 or 8 pack Christmas cards that used to be in the dollar bins marked down to .40 each.

JoAnn has all of their Christmas stuff marked down at least 70% too. They have less stuff available because they started marking things down a good percentage before Christmas, but they still had some fun stuff. I found a couple of ornament kits to tuck away for the kids for next holiday season. I'd recommend checking out their dollar bins too - they had some cute Valentine card making kits for $1 that I got for my kids to make cards for their grandparents with.

Kohls has marked down their Christmas decorations to 75% off as well, although the Powers location that I visited was pretty much cleared out. Be sure to check your local store - Kohls carries Hallmark keepsake ornaments, which I love, and they are 75% off as well!

Let me know if you've found any great clearance deals that I should share!!

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