Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Anybody Else Miss the $1/1 Johnson Baby Product Coupon?

Remember when I posted the new $1/1 Johnson Baby Product coupon last night? The one that just became available on I'm curious - were any of you able to print it? I think I waited too long because by the time I tried it gave me a message saying it was expired... Do tell if you were able to get it..or if you weren't, like me!

Anyway, if you didn't get it, but are interested in stocking up on Buddies soaps - you can go to Ebay and get 20 $1/1 Johnson baby care product coupons (from the Sunday insert, not printables) for $3.50 shipped. $3.50 for 20 little soaps isn't terrible, however I definitely prefer to get them free. :)


  1. I was able to get the printables, but with my large family and our efforts at preparedness/food storage, I also order 20 online!