Friday, December 4, 2009

Mega Swagbucks Day!

It's Friday, and that means it's Mega Swagbucks day again! If you haven't yet signed up, go HERE and do so right away! All you do is use the swagbucks search engine as you would a site like google and voila - you win swagbucks! I use mine to purchase $5 Amazon gift cards, and I've been able to buy around 60 of those now. A few hints on how to earn them faster - first, use the swagbucks toolbar so that you can just enter your search right in at the top of your browser screen instead of having to go to the swagbucks site every time. Next, do a search every time you go somewhere on the internet. Going to your email, facebook, the weather? Type it in the swagbucks toolbar and go there via 1 extra step - you never know, it might win you a swagbuck...or even several. A couple of Fridays ago I did a search and won 10 SWAGBUCKS at ONE time!! I was so excited! Finally, tell your friends about swagbucks and if they sign up under you, you'll earn them faster because you get 1 everytime they get 1 up to the first 100. So, like I said, go HERE, get signed up, and start winning swagbucks!!

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