Friday, November 27, 2009

Loving the Safeway Deals!

Since moving to the Springs, I have been really impressed with the local grocery stores, and Safeway is one of my favorites. I LOVE that they double coupons, they never give me any hassle about getting a rain check if I need to, their customer service is always good, and they run stellar promotions! I have been able to fill my stockpile with things like spaghetti sauce, capri suns, lots and lots of cereal, cookie and cake mixes and frostings, fruit snacks, diapers, and lots of other great to have on hand items. One of my favorite things is that they've had such great prices on milk pretty much every week. Having a toddler who drinks a LOT of whole milk, that is a deal that definitely comes in handy! Anyway, you can imagine my excitement when Safeway contacted me and offered me a $25 gift card just for sharing the Safeway deals with all of you. So, once I get home from being with family over Thanksgiving, I intend to take my gift card and see how much I can get for $25. I'm looking forward to the challenge, so stay tuned and I'll post a picture and the details of what I'm able to get. I'd love to hear about the Safeway deals you've been able to get too!

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