Friday, August 7, 2009

Sunday Coupon Preview for 8/9

Go HERE for a preview of this weekend's coupon inserts. Looks like there will be some good ones - especially if you have a store that is participating in the Kraft promo! HERE are some details and a list of participating products for that promo. Unfortunately for us in Colorado Springs, our Albertsons stores are not affiliated with SuperValu and therefore are not participating. Is anybody else bummed about how much different our Albertson's stores are from the OTHER Albertson's stores? Oh well I guess...

Also, just a heads up - I'm headed off on vacation with my family tomorrow morning - so the posts over the next week or so will be very sporadic if not non existent. I will be back in the action August 17th! We're hitting Disneyland, and we can't wait!!

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