Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sunflower Farmers Market highlights for June 3rd-10th

**Just a little update - an anonymous blog reading friend shared the tip that the best times to shop are 7-10 am and 7-10 pm. Both times that she's been in, it's been very busy, so she was wise enough to ask. I went in this evening too, and it was CRAZY in there, although I will say that they had every check out open and they were moving people through there pretty smoothly, and it was worth the wait!

So, have you heard all the buzz about the new store in town? If not, it's worth checking out. It's called Sunflower Farmers Market and it's located at Academy and Dublin. It's not a store that I'll be able to hit every week because it's a pretty good distance from me, but I was up that way last Saturday, so I made a point of stopping in. I was very impressed! I got 3 cantaloupes for $1, chicken breasts for rock bottom price of $1.47/lb, nectarines for .77/lb (they're even cheaper this week!), cherries for $1.99/lb, etc. And, a really cool thing that they do is they have double ad Wednesdays. So, the previous week's deals are good and so are the current week's. They make their ad available online on Tuesdays so that you can plan your Wednesday shopping trip. Nice! So, you can see that I'm impressed, and now here are the highlights that I see this week:

Yellow peaches and nectarines - .57/lb
Tropical golden pineapples - .77 each!
Honeydew melons - .99 each
Champagne mangos - 2/$1
Lemons - 3/$1
Red or Green Leaf and Romaine lettuce - .77 each
Beefsteak tomatoes - .77/lb
Red or Golden Delicious and Granny Smith apples - .88/lb
Celery and bunched spinach - .88 each

85% lean ground beef - $1.57/lb
Bone-in chicken breasts - .77/lb


  1. I went there last Sat. and also tonight. I really like the produce and meat selection. They have really good prices but both times I have been there it has been SO busy!! I could hardly find a parking spot. I asked an employee and he said to go between 7-10 am and 7-10 pm. Just a heads up.

  2. I would definitely agree! I went tonight and it was a mad house! Of course I imagine Wednesdays are their craziest day every week with the double ads. I'll be sure to make a note of the 7-10 suggestion - thanks for the heads up!