Friday, May 15, 2009

Albertson's Deals May 13-19

Here are a few deals I see at Albertson's this week. Sorry I tend not to get these posted as quickly as King Soopers and Safeway. I don't live very close to an Albertson's, so I don't get there nearly as often. I am just going to post the highlights:

Meat and Dairy:
Chicken Split Breasts, Thighs, Drumsticks, or Leg Quarters 77¢/lb (this might actually be the one thing that causes me to make an Albertson's trip this week - gotta love that grilling season is upon us!)
Tilapia fillets - $2.99/lb
Pork picnic roast - .99/lb

Cherries - $2.99/lb - this is a really good price!
Mangos - .99 each

General Grocery:
Breyer's ice cream - $2.50, use the .75/1 coupon from the 4/5 Unilever insert to get it for $1.75 each!
Nabisco crackers - $1.88, use the $1/1 coupons HERE to get them for .88/box!
Doritos or Lays - $1.88/bag

This post is part of BeCentsable's Weekly Grocery Gathering!

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