Thursday, April 16, 2009

What if I Don't Get My CATALINA??

First, for those who don't know, CATALINA's are those coupons that print out after you've made a purchase. For example, register rewards at Walgreen's. If you're like me, you've had the frustrating experience of carefully planning out your purchase to ensure that you have everything you need for whatever offer it might be, and then you pay and your receipt prints and you watch the little CATALINA printer and...nothing... This happened to me the first time I did the Huggies deal at Walgreen's several weeks ago. The cashier claimed that I didn't get a $10 register reward because I used register rewards to pay for my items (they were NOT the Huggies register rewards). I knew this wasn't true. So, I called the CATALINA company. Their number is 1.888.8COUPON. I spoke with a very helpful lady who looked up the information based on the numbers on my receipt. She put me on hold for a second and came back and said - I love these ones. The system told me that you should have received the $10 RR, but that the printer wasn't working. She was mailing it out to me and I should receive it soon. It's nice if you can resolve these issues in the store, however if you can't - this is a great way to get the issue taken care of! Have any of you had a similar experience? Ask away if you have questions!

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