Friday, March 6, 2009

More Awesome Walgreens Deal

OK, I do have a couple of other Walgreens deals that are worth looking at this week.

Vaseline lotion products are on sale for 25% off. In addition, there was a $1.25 off coupon in the Sunday coupon inserts this week. Even better than that, when you purchase a Vaseline lotion product, you get $2.00 in register rewards for your next visit. The lotion pictured ended up being a 56 cent money maker.

Also, there is a register rewards deal going on for this whole month with certain Dove products. If you buy 8, you get $10 in register rewards. The great thing is that the trial size Dove deodorants are included in the deal. So, buy 8 at 99 cents each and get $10 in register rewards. This deal is even sweeter if you have the $1.50/2 coupons from the 1/18/09 coupon inserts. You end up paying $2 plus tax and get $10 back. NICE! Like I said, this one goes on all month, so you have lots of time! :) My kids think I bought little deodorants just for them!

A note about register rewards deals: the register reward for a particular deal will only print out once per transaction, so divide your purchases into several transactions. All of you Walgreens experts out there, correct me if I'm wrong on that!


  1. I went to 2 Walgreens, but neither of them had 8 of the deodorants. I guess I'll keep checking throughout the month. I also used the coupon for 2 of the cocoa butter kind of vaseline and spent about 80 cents on each, but with the savings from the normal vaseline lotion and toothpaste, I still ended up making money. :)

  2. They didn't have any trial dove deodorants at our store either, but I asked them to put it in their next order. So I will be getting 16 dove deodorants on Wednesday. Just ask for them to add however many you want to their order! Then you won't have to keep checking back all month.