Monday, March 16, 2009

Finally - more free toilet paper!

Go HERE for a .50/1 coupon for Cottonelle 4 pack. If you have a Kroger family grocery store nearby - their double means you have yourself some free toilet paper. Make sure you use your back button to print it twice!


  1. Hey, I am new to all this but... I have tried about three of the deals that you have outlined, like the free shampoo at walgreens, and it has all failed miserably. The shampoo was .99 but the coupon was -$1 so the checkout lady said that I couldn't do that. Is my walgreens just not nice or am I doing something wrong. Then the diaper coupons that I printed over and over again and many times as I possibly could all had the same barcode number so they said that it was fraudulant. Basically that means that the website is illegal??? What the heck? I am so frustrated that I might just quite the whole coupons thing. I mean I am really trying and I am not getting any deals. Aargh!!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that you're having all sorts of problems trying to get the deals. That's got to be super discouraging!! As for the walgreens thing with the shampoo...that's not the first time I've heard of that happening. I hit 3 different stores last week and didn't have an issue, but I know LOTS of people did. I'm not sure what the official rule is about having an overage there. All I can suggest is to either try multiple stores and/or multiple cashiers throughout the week (easier said than done, I know!) Now, on to the diaper one - that is the one that REALLY bugs me. Basically, you were dealing with an ignorant person and therefore you were prevented from getting a deal and that really stinks. Was that at Walgreens too? If so, I would definitely make a call to 1-800-Walgreen and tell them what happened. I would go so far as insisting that they offer you last week's deal since you missed out because of their employee's stupidity. Don't give up yet. It has its moments, but all in all it can be SO worth it! Email me or comment with questions or anything I can help with!! Also, if you still have the Garnier coupons, you can hit walgreens this week and use them - the items won't be free, but a lot of the shampoos, conditioners, and styling products will end up being only 49 cents with the easy saver and the manuf. coupon....hang in there!