Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Garnier Fructis Deal - Not Yet, but Get READY!

OK, thanks to my friend Rachel for the heads up on this one. I missed out last time this came around - I hadn't caught coupon fever yet. BUT, during the week of March 8-14, Walgreen's is going to have Garnier Fructis hair care on sale for $2.99. The instant coupon in their Easy Saver catalog brings them down to .99. Then, use a $1/1 styling product coupon or a $1/1 shampoo/conditioner coupon and you have yourself some free hair care (plus tax)! These coupons are available to buy on ebay. For those that are new to this, I had the same thought initially - What? Buy Coupons?? Doesn't that defeat the purpose?? But, I'm sold on it now - it costs you a couple bucks typically, maybe less, and you end up with all sorts of free stuff in the end. Oh, and a plug for my coupon giveaway - I intend to include SEVERAL coupons for these Garnier Fructis products, and you will have them in plenty of time to take advantage of this deal! So, if you haven't entered, do it HERE - you only have until noon on Wednesday February 18th!!

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