Thursday, February 26, 2009

About Those K-Mart Deals...

OK, here are some of the printables I used to get my K-Mart bargains this week.

Get a $2.00 Clean & Clear coupon HERE
Print the $2.00 of any Clean & Clear product (you will have to register to print it)
It doubles to $4.00, and the face washes I purchased were $4.19 at my K-Mart.
This one is fabulous because it allows you to use your back button and print up to 10 times if you want to!

Get a $2.00 Pledge coupon HERE
This one doubles to $4.00, and the multi surface cleaner I purchased was also $4.19 per bottle at my K-Mart. Use the back button to print this one twice!

You can print a $2.00 Purina puppy chow coupon HERE
This doubles to $4.00. The puppy chow was $6.39 per bag at my store, but $2.39 a bag is still a great deal. Our dog is 2 years old, but he LOVES puppy chow!

The Scrubbing Bubbles, Windex Wipes, and Pledge Wipes coupons came from HERE
The Scrubbing Bubbles cleaner ended up being 79 cents each, the Windex Wipes were free and the Pledge wipes were free.

The Secret deodorant coupons came from this past Sunday's paper, and with the coupon those were 29 cents each.

The Kotex pantyliner coupon came from the 2/22 paper also. They end up being free with the coupon.

The L'oreal kids shampoos are on sale for $2.49. I used the L'oreal shampoo coupons from the 2/22 paper, and they ended up being 49 cents each.

I used the Dentyne coupon from the 2/22 paper and got a free pack of Dentyne gum

The rest of the coupons came from other recent inserts. (I've only been collecting coupons since the end of January, so they were almost all from a late January or February insert.) The toothbrushes, toothpaste and gauze pads were free. The band-aids were free to 19 cents a box. The Post cereal was $1 a box. The cosmetics (1 eye shadow, 1 blush and 1 eye liner) were free. The Wet Ones antibacterial wipes were 79 cents.

OK, hope this helps - get out there and get some deals before they're gone! :)

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  1. None of the KMarts around here double coupons! Stupid Missouri :)